SMH5-FM, SM10, Galaxy Note 2 and a radar detector - how can I get these to work together?

Help me please - I have spent hours trying to figure this out. I am trying to find some way use both my phone for HFP stuff and to listen to music. I just bought the SM10 so that I could hear my radar detector.  So, I want to use the SM10 JUST for my radar detector, and my phone for ... phone and to listen to music.

How many HFP profiles does the SMH5 support? I have the latest firmware.

I was hoping I could pair the Note with both HFP and AVRCP, and then add the SM10 with HFP only.

And if this won't work, what the heck am I missing?  Am I really the only person who has a radar detector that they want to hear but listen to music on their phone?  There's no bluetooth solution for this?

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