FM Radio does not work


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  • Rob Schreurs
    Rob Schreurs

    Today I changed the routing of the RH speaker in my Schubert C3 Pro to overhead LH to RH, reception is a lot better now. Doing this I found the build in antenna in the Schubert C3 with a strange connector (6 contacts). Does anyone know if we can use this antenne/connector to improve the reception?



  • Benoit Mabille
    Benoit Mabille

    How I improved FM on a NOLAN N-COM :

    The antenna is the live wire to one of the speakers so I did solder a wire from there, taped in a stright line under the helmet's top.

    15-20cm will do otherwise instability may arise.

    When time allows, I will try the same trick to my 10U as FM is just not usable.


  • Dominico99

    Was saddened to see FM radio doesnt work well. This would be a handy feature when travelling as a lot of places broadcast travel information on FM Radio.
  • knis


    When i launch the radio before driving, it works good. but once i am on the speedway and i exceed 70 km/h, the radio FM doest not work no more... i lost the signal and the volume getting poor... very disappointed... i used to have the scala G9X and always work very well..

    Is it normal? should i return the produc to sale service... because i really need the RADIO FM..
    Do you have any solution???

    Thanks for your help.



  • Ben Lorenzo
    Ben Lorenzo

    I have the same problem can we connect the antenna to the helmet antenna

  • AS SA
    AS SA

    Last week, I received my 10c and I have the speaker cable behind the inner helmet, unfortunately I have very poor reception even for essential citations. I live in London kensington

  • AS SA
    AS SA

    Do you know guys I have may be stupid solutions. One day I was with my 12 year old profoundly deaf son, he likes listening and dance with the music in the car. Every time I started my radio the stations go static till my boy said to me, dad take of the USB charger from the lighter, I listened to him and all of the sudden I got really clear sound after that. If you have USBs connected to your motorcycle radio try removing them hopefully that works. It could be interference.


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