20S does not lock onto its base

Has anyone had this issue? I find it quite incredible.

I got a dual set of 20S upgrading from a set of SMH10R. I was very happy with the SMH10 but the release mechanism was poorly designed and forced users to pull on the unit, exerting a leveraged force on the base which caused cracks to appear in the connection area. The base on my helmet finally broke and the other one, on my girlfriend's helmet is badly cracked too.

I was happy to see that the locking and release mechanism had been redesigned on the 20S but absolutely appalled to realise that none of the 2 units will lock into place onto any of the 2 bases! I slide them down as far as I can on the base, but they simply won't click into place! I can't believe I'm the only one to have this issue! What am I missing?

Reading all the articles on this forum, I'm beginning to think that I made a huge mistake in shelling out close to 500 euros to upgrade to the 20S, which seems to be plagued by problems. I think I will be better off sending them back and getting a set of spare mounting clamps for my trusted SMH10R.

The other thing that is annoying is the way they attach the cable to the speakers locally adds an extra 5mm to the diameter of the speaker which prevents the speakers to enter flat in the recessed area of my helmet and velcro onto the pad. I had to use the thick pads provided for helmets with "deep recesses" for the speaker to be able to velcro the speakers into place. I'm pretty sure that this will cause the speakers to press onto my ears and quickly make it unbearable...

I'm really disappointed...

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