Have SMH10R. Want to hear Radar Detector with Intercom in use. SM10 or SR10?


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  • David Behr
    David Behr

    I originally bought the SM10 hoping to do the same as you but it didn't pair right and/or since it uses the A2DP profile (IIRC) it won't override any conversations.  Now, we'll need more help here because I can't remember if anything at all will interrupt an active conversation.  However, I know that I switched to the SR10 (though it's not cheap!) and it works great for my radar detector and SMH5-FM.  Again, you want the SR10 because it uses the HFP protocol and your SMH10R allows for two HFP connections - also, I think HFP will override intercom conversations but anything coming over A2DP (the SM10) will not.  Still, after having purchased the headset and my 9500ix, having to spend another $145 (on ebay) for the SR10 hurt. Let me tell you though, the final setup is the shizzle.

  • Jeffrey Degracia
    Jeffrey Degracia

    @ David Behr

    Thanks a bunch for the detailed response. Sounds like the solution then. One of the friends I ride with and intercom chat with has a SMH10R, SR10 and Valentine One. When we were intercom conversing a couple weeks ago he noticed his Valentine One alert signal was not cutting into the conversation, he could only see the display light up. I guess we'll have to brush up on the HFP vs. A2DP connections to make sure it does override intercom or at least can be heard simultaneously. Another question, are you using Escort Live! with your 9500ix when on the bike? I haven't even opened my 8500 X50 yet but I'm hoping this all works the way I want it to.

  • Duane Bryan
    Duane Bryan

    I'm wanting to do this same thing - radar alerts even if using intercom.  I also want to pair an iphone for music and have it interrupted.  It sounds like the SR10 is what I have to have but the question is can I pair the iphone still via bluetooth?  The less wires the better.  Ideally, I would only have the audio output from the radar detector wired up.  

    Can anyone comment on the possibility of this working with the SR10?  Doesn't sound like the SM10 will work.  


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