Dangerously painful beep issue

Sorry - i know this has been posted before and I tracked down the issue at a friend's house yesterday but haven't got the browsing history and can't find it this morning, so apologies for the separate new thread on the issue.


I got a pair of custom moulded in-ear headphones for use with my lovely Sena 20S yesterday.  I popped them in and was delighted that I could hear my music and Tomtom navigation from my phone at perfect volume but with no background noise because they act like earplugs (obviously).  I had previously found it annoying that I couldn't hear the nav directions well and music was frankly pointless through the combination of supplied helmet speakers and good earplugs, so this was the ultimate solution for me.  Good so far...


...I got on my bike, rode to the end of my street where there is a T junction onto a bigger road.  As I was slowing down I got an sharp pain in my ear as a beep on incredibly high volume and intensity exploded in my ear.  I involuntarily raised my hand to protect my ear (pointless of course) and thankfully it was my left hand.  Had it been my right I would've rolled across the junction and it could've been very bad.  Of course, I assumed I'd been dumb and needed to adjust the config for in-ear headphones, so i stopped at a friends house and pulled up the user manual online.  Nothing, nothing at all about beep volume configuration.


This is a serious issue that could well result in someone being killed totally unnecessarily.  Sena - please act and act fast on this.

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