Dangerously painful beep issue


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  • André Silva
    André Silva

    I'm glad I found this thread.

    This stupid feature is driving me crazy.

    I updated the firmware yesterday and... STILL THE SAME!!!!

    Is it so difficult to fix?
    Come on SENA... I believe you could better.

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett

    Jumping in--again! I've been following this a while. I purchased about four units in as many months. I'm assuming sena has to get these back from the retailers. I'll continue to do so until the problem is fixed. I suggest others do the same. Getting hit in the bottom line is the only way they will listen apparently. Return your units. But again in a month or two, if not fixed, return. Rinse and repeat until SENA listens to us.

  • Richard R.
    Richard R.

    So yesterday I bought a Cardo Packtalk to replace that crappy Sena 20S--and so far, it is great! There are no loud beeps or volume differences between the voice commands & what you're listening to (music, radio, phone call, etc. and I can actually hear the prompts at the same level as everything else. I paid ~$60 more for the Backtalk, but it's really small beans compared to the ridiculous problems with the Sena (it's all boxed up and waiting for a Craigslist buyer.)

    Too bad Sena, I wanted to like your 20S, but you made that impossible. 

    Good luck to everyone else.



  • StefanH.


    bought in 2014; after using it for about 3 hours(!) during the 3 years on the road and left it at home for most of the time, i saw today, that a new firmware was available! so i plugged in the first unit, updated it and tried to flash the second unit and found it just dead.. completely dead. no recognition on the USB cable, no loading, no beeping, no blue blinking, no nothing anymore.

    sena..like some guys mentioned before: i really really tried to like and use the 20s, but i am out.. no 20s anymore!

    this piece of hardware was by far the worst piece of crap i payed money for in my hole life. worst buy ever =( 

    (sorry for my words, but i am pretty pi$$ed right now...)

  • Bill Henning
    Bill Henning

    Try charging it for a while before you give up.  I know if I let mine sit the batteries die and it takes a while, then they are fine again.  Longer term I would expect that at some point my batteries would give up the ghost, like cellphones rechargeable batteries have a finite life.  Maybe somebody on Youtube has already replaced theirs...I hope.

  • StefanH.

    yup..thanks for the advice! i had it plugged in yesterday for about an hour. red loading-LED did not show up.. so i took another USB charger and cable..but no luck :'( So because hope dies last, ill leave it plugged in over night to see if there is some light at the end of the night ;) 

    So after about 25 load cycles, batterie looks dead. Most of the load cycles were just done for the purpose of flashing the new firmware to see on a short solo run, if the killer beep is still there. I bought the dual kit for me and my wife.. if the killer beep would have hit my sweeeties ears this hard, she would have hit me hard as well =))) 

    so bottomline: total of three hours testdrives, about 25 loadcycles and flashing basically all firmwares from 2014 until now (just to see, that the killerbeep is still alive) and the device is gone for good. A totally 'awesome' experience!

    so... take care, ride hard, ride safe ;)

  • Bill Henning
    Bill Henning

    Wow, that really sucks.   I know sometimes I have to jiggle the plug to get the red charging light to come on.  I've had mine for about 2 years and they are still chugging along and only occasionally misbehaving.  I can usually fix any issue with the factory reset.  Not sure why I don't have the killer beep, maybe it has something to do with earbuds which I always wear.  You'd think they would have figured this out and fixed it by now

  • Cristian Nicolau
    Cristian Nicolau

    Hello everyone,

    It's been a long time since my last comment on this issue but, after endless discussions with some people who somehow understand this problem I finally got half of the answer which at least cooled me down a little. I signed up on Cardo's Forum and was completely surprised to see how reactive are their representatives. AND FAST! Why Cardo Pack Talk? because I learned about their DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication or something like that) which is a completely different story than what we use with Sena - Daisy Chain. And they were opened for discussions even if Sena was the subject.

    So, apparently no update will solve this issue since this is hardware related. Maybe other future models will have this issue solved. The 20s will have this problem and we are stuck with it. When in 1 to 1 communication everything is fine (with some exceptions, of course) but as soon as we increase the number in our group, the "popcorn" gets louder and louder because the sensitivity to outside interference increases and the connection stability decreases. this daisy chain wireless communication is affected by a lot of other "beams" that we have around us when we ride. It's worse in the city than outside. "But it's popping even if I'm in the middle of the field with no cars around" someone would say; Yes, remember that the more we are in a group, the more interferences we will create ourselves by keeping everything connected in the same time. There's also another factor: Speed! The faster you go the louder the popcorn gets. However, I have to admit that once or twice we've ridden in 4 for about 10-15 minutes, ±100km/h, and no popcorn... NONE! All the other times though (12 000 km in 2016) full of popping noise. 

    So guys, forget it! Interferences will be ON no matter what we will try.

    My advice (this is what me and my friends are doing now - we are 9):

    - Split into smaller groups. 4 or 5 max. If you want you can either stay connected 1-2 and 3-4 (talk and listen to your music or radio - if it works :)) and in case of something important 2 or 3 can connect to each other immediately OR just stay out, everyone with his music and "click" the 20s only when you want to tell the others to ... "Bug off :)"

    - Respect the pairing order when you ride so it'll be easier to find out who is out or where the chain was broken (and why)

    - Every time your phone is ringing, let the others know about it with "My phone is ringing, I'll be out" (lol) so they won't try to connect, since your not answering, and ruin your phone call with the "beep beep beep, beep beep beep" if you know what i mean.

    - Don't get TOO far from each other and also not too fast. If you feel some itch  in your right palm, let the others know, disconnect and go for it.

    - Most of the times, a group with more than 4 riders talk about a lot of stuff, useless stuff, not interesting. Get used to staying connected to 1 rider for the most part of your ride. The 20s will be more forgiving in this way.

    - Invest some time to read/listen/see what other intercom producers do. Google, YouTube etc are available to all of us. We are considering to sell the 20s and buy Cardo, but still, they also have some issues, sometimes also with interferences and A LOT of other stuff. But at least they stay in touch with their customers and try to help them as much as possible. Here's a short video about it.


    Do not hurry to buy it though, the 20s is still in the top of Moto Intercoms (as far as I know).

    Ride safe everyone and I promise to stay in touch.

    PS. I pray that the Sena engineers are so professional that will read my message and prove me wrong!!! .... NOOOOOT! :)))))

  • Armand Welsh
    Armand Welsh

    the solution is simple:  Add to the Sena Phone software a mix level setting for GPS/Audio/Intercom/Prompts each.  Let the user control the mix level of all the channels that produce audio.  Manually doing it while that audio event is occurring is not intuitive, and although it may work for some, many spend more time trying to turn the jog dial correctly and the prompts are over too soon.

  • Dwayne A. Hopkins
    Dwayne A. Hopkins

    My wife had the same issue and we determined it is definitely coming from her phone (Apple 5S).  It happens randomly and we have not determined the root cause. Her fix is simply to turn bluetooth off on her phone so it will not connect.  I never connect my phone to my SMH10R since I do not ride my bike to chat. My wife, however, has another helmet with an SMH10R that is connected to her phone. She never has the beeping issue with that headset.

    The beep could be indicating received e-mail, messages, dropped signal/changing towers, whatever.  Only Sena can figure that out.  I'm just glad my wife's beeping issue is gone.  Having her curse suddenly for no apparent reason is both annoying and dangerous as my first response is to look for the idiot cager doing something stupid.

  • Dwayne A. Hopkins
    Dwayne A. Hopkins

    My wife and I found the combination that caused the loud beep in her 20S.  It only occurs when she is connected to my helmet intercom (Sena SMH10R), and is connected to her iPhone 5S for calls or music.  If she connects to the iPhone only for music, it does not do it.  If she is connected to the iPhone for only phone access, no beep.  If she is connected to the iPhone for music and calls, no beep.  We suspect it has to do with the iPhone sending change of communications status, such as changing cell phone towers, perhaps.  The 20S beeps because it switches from intercom to this status change then back, perhaps?  Obviously there is no volume setting for this status alert, or whatever it is.  The coders need to track down this offending beep, because it is obviously in the software.  We will be looking to buy the new 30K units at WingDing, but this will be the first thing we test.  If it beeps, no sale.

  • Ian F
    Ian F

    Here we are in 2018 and this issue remains, just as annoying and dangerous as it ever was.

    I've got an 20S EVO.  I was testing some music playback functions at home (without my earplugs in) so immediately adjusted the volume well down to a comfortable level as I started playing music.   I then pressed the button to talk to Google Assistant, and the resulting ear splitting *BEEEP* was so loud, that my ears were still ringing 5 minutes later (that is no exaggeration).    I don't always wear my ear plugs for shorter rides around town at low speeds.   Forcing me to adjust the volume for the voice prompts separately in the split second *after* it has already deafened me is unacceptable. 

    I understand the rationale behind having different levels for different things (music at one level, intercom a little louder or softer, voice prompts/gps whatever a little louder or softer), but this implementation is *horrible*.

    Here's a better solution to achieve the same goal.   Have the knob be master volume and it  controls *everything* at once, so I can raise all volumes for high speed riding with earplugs in, and lower all volumes for around town.  To provide the option to adjust relative volume for each of the other functions list those functions in the Sena app, and give each one a 5 position up or down boost.. -2 -1 0 +1 +2 above or below the master volume.   

    Part of the reason this came up is I was doing an in depth look at functionality, as I'm contemplating buying another 20S Evo for my dad, and frankly if this issue can't be resolved properly, I'm going to sell my 20S Evo instead, and buy a pair of Cardo Packtalk Slims, because it is not known for causing permanent hearing loss.


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