SMH10 Intercom and SmartPhone GPS navigation


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  • david sinelnikow
    david sinelnikow

    I just have bought a sena SRL with my shoei Neotec II and i can say that i clearly regret my purchase.

    In our country we have a lot of speed camera and i used to be warned by an app on my android which can be put in first priority on my old cardo...


    i don't care to listen to my wife while i'm loosing my licence...

    As i can read there it's impossible on a sena? is it ?

  • Mjendrosz

    I read about your problems and I have a totally 180 degree situation. I have 10r and SMH5 and when I talk to my wife or friend (also SMH5) and use Google maps the navigation prompts don't interrupt our talks. But when I use SYGIC navigation it interrupts our talks all the time. And I'm looking for a solution to make Sygic not interrupt our conversations and keep quiet as long as I talk to someone over the intercom.



  • Mrb186

    Very interesting!  I installed the SYGIC app on my Samsung Android smartphone and IT DOES break into an intercom conversation.  I guess that is telling me that my issue is Google Nav!  It obviously is not using the same protocol as many GPS systems.  (if I pair my Sena 10S with my Garmin Zumo, it will also interrupt intercom conversations).  I agree that it can be rather annoying at times when a nav system constantly interrupts a conversation.  And it's really annoying when the Sena frequently won't reconnect to your partner and needs to be re-started!  I still favor Google Maps since I can map a route on my PC, then send it to my phone.  I just need to mount my phone on my Versys so that the screen is visible and it will show the upcoming turns.

  • György Papp
    György Papp

    Hi Ckelly 1100, I have just the same problem with my new 10r. I have tried everything on my 10r and samsung A5, but it doesnt work. From the manual: The GPS voice instrucion interrupts intercom conversation but it is automatically reestablished after the GPS voice instruction ends. Is 10r able to do this? Can anybody help us?


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