Installed 20S and can't hear anything


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  • Pablo Motta
    Pablo Motta

    If you have done a  firmware update, please to a factory reset (see instructions below). After a factory reset, you need to adjust the volume higher by turning the jog wheel clockwise several times.


    1. To restore the 20S to factory default settings, press and hold
    the Phone Button for 12 seconds until the LED shows solid red
    and you hear double beeps. You will hear a voice prompt saying
    “Factory reset”.
    2. Within 5 seconds, press the Jog Dial to confirm reset. The headset
    will be restored to factory setting and switched off automatically.
    You will hear a voice prompt saying “Headset reset, good-bye”.
    3. If you press the Phone Button or don’t press the Jog Dial within 5
    seconds, the reset attempt is canceled and the headset returns to
    stand-by mode. You will hear a voice prompt saying “Canceled”.

  • Terry

    Why is it necessary to do a factory reset after a firmware update?


  • Steve Clyatt
    Steve Clyatt

    I am having the same issue as Coachlinnea above who originally presented the question and the response is not helpful. The steps are lacking detail. In step 1. I can get the LED to show solid red after holding the Phone Button but how long thereafter do I need to continue to hold the Phone Button to expect to hear double beeps?

    If I cannot hear anything.... how am I going to hear double beeps or a voice prompt saying "Factory reset"?

    What must I do, besides rotate the Jog Dial clockwise to be able to hear beeps and voice prompts? Rotating the Jog Dial clockwise does not correct the lack of sound coming from the device.


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