X-Com compatability


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  • Andreas Pfeiffer
    Andreas Pfeiffer

    Hi David,

    Not sure if your problem is already solved. But I can tell you that my Sena (10U) could simply be connected with my wife's N-Com (X-Lite helmet) using the universal intercom feature of Sena. I guess it should be available in your device too if you upgrade to the latest firmware. There are three glitches. It was easy to pair them. The N-Com thinks that the Sena is a mobile phone. So I guess the quality is more like HFP and there seems to a little bit of background noise that might become boring after a while. Second the connection fails always the first time when I try to connect from the Sena but it works the 2nd time for some reason. Lastly my wife is not able to start the conversation.

    However I think it is still a very good thing and finally we can talk between two different brands.


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