Compatiblilty with Handlebar Remote - Camera Functions?


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  • Steven Lombardo
    Steven Lombardo

    I purchased the handlebar remote. At this time, it does NOT control the 10-C camera at all. It's just a very fancy volume control.

    Maybe someday. Ugh.

    Now I feel stupid.

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy

    Yeah I just did the same thing. Guess I should have read the forum first, eh?

  • Dan McCoy
    Dan McCoy
    I'm glad I checked here if it would control atleast video tagging. Is the only reason I would buy it.
    And buy it I would.
  • Metin Sever
    Metin Sever

    I asked the same thing to the tech support dept. of SENA. However the answer is negative.
    I find this very silly because there are more buttons than RC4 for example. RC4 can control the photo and video functions but "Handlebar Remote" not.

    They can change this situation with a simple firmware upgrade. I ask it as a customer request

  • Sena Support
    Sena Support

    The Handlebar Remote is not able to control the camera on the 10C Pro because it would conflict with the other button operations on the headset. If you wanted to control the camera with one of the buttons on the Handlebar Remote then you will be controlling something else at the same time (volume, changing tracks, starting/stopping the intercom, etc.) depending on what feature you are using at the time. The RC4 was designed with a dedicated button to operate headsets with special features. For the 10C Pro and 10C EVO that would be the camera.


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