Combination speaker/earphone baseplate?

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  • David Day
    David Day

    Why is the SMH-A0306 so expensive? $54 on the street seems too high! I don't have one of these units, (internally fighting my cost/benefit analysis conclusion) but I can tell that the earphone connector cable is waaaaay to long. I would like to tuck everything into the helmet so I would have to dramatically shorten the cord to make that happen. Thanks for taking our feedback. 

  • David Day
    David Day

    All of your headset kits should come with the SMH-A0305 or SMH-A0306 base plates going forward. Just my 2 cents... 

  • Tom Balaban
    Tom Balaban

    My SMH-A0305 today (East Coast), the day after my new AFX FX-140 helmet arrived. It fit right on a bit back because of the sun screen control, but the mic works fine and the speakers are MUCH louder that the originals I've been using.

    Thanks, Sena. I do appreciate how you handled this BUT (and I mean this constructively) if you ever decide to redesign this I'll be happy to pay for one that had less hanging cordage. A simple stereo jack for earbuds that disconnects the helmet speakers would be my preference. Nevertheless, I will be using this new mount and smiling down the road.

  • Regulator26fs

    I have to agree with Tom. I got mine today and will be installing it later this evening and using it tomorrow. Look like allot of cordage, havent tried it yet so cant comment on the speakers.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to try these out Sena 

  • Biraz340
    Did a short test ride yesterday. The cord is a little long, but possibly more weather resistant then having the plug in the open. I did not use 2-way, but I did listen music via Bluetooth. Sound was great.
  • Amorris3211

    Mine worked great re amplification (both speakers and ear buds) but agree with Tom and Regulator, a little less cordage but be better.


    Thanks again for the opportunity to test and submit feedback.

  • Phil McC
    Phil McC

    Email sent - Thanks so much for this great offer!!

  • Maury Feuerman
    Maury Feuerman



    I received the SMH-A0306 Helmet Clamp Kit that you sent me.  The good news is I received it, Thank You.  The bad news is that it has a defective phono jack cable in it!


    Since I assume that the purpose of your sending out these units is so that we can provide you with constructive feedback I would like to make you aware that the coiled cable that has the female phono jack has a short within the phono jack where it connects to the wire.  There is no visible damage but when attempting to use it any slight movement of the cable causes the left audio to cut out. 




    I will be happy to return to you if you would like to show your suppliers.  I still need one that works properly!


    I hope this information is of benefit to you.





    Defective Connection.jpg
  • Stuartv

    I received my A0306 in the mail last week. I installed the helmet clamp today. I haven't ridden with it yet, but I can already tell what my first problem is:

    What am I supposed to do with the coiled cord when I'm using the helmet speakers? I just know I'm going to end up losing that piece at some point. And since it has a propietary connector on it, that's going to turn into a huge PITA for me to be able to use my earmolds.

    I'm doing a cross country trip, starting in a week and a half. A buddy will be riding with me, using my other SMH-10. I'm allowing about a week for the trip. I'll be using this helmet clamp for that. I'll be back to post a more thorough review after that trip.

  • Tom Balaban
    Tom Balaban


    Do with the cable what you do with your earbuds. I put mine in the same pouch I use for the earbuds when I'm not wearing them and that stays in my tank bag.

    That way I lose everything in one fell swoop. :-D

  • Stuartv


    There's only 2 problems with that.

    1) it won't fit in the pouch for my earbuds.

    2) I have more than one set of earbuds and I don't always use the same set when I'm riding.


    [still disappointed that Sena didn't actually take the input from this thread, starting well over a year ago, and give us a clamp that would let you plug earbuds in without the user physically disconnecting the speakers]

  • Christian Aasland
    Christian Aasland

    I finally had time to test the evaluation unit and here is what I think:

    The first and main problem is that switching between speaker and earbuds is clumsy. What I mean is that, in actual usage, the speakers need to be installed in a way that allows access to the disconnect, and unless there is a smart place to put it in the helmet it will dangle out of the helmet, where it will catch on things, and flap in the wind.

    When using the earbuds, the additional 18 inches of cord has to be managed somehow. This is also clumsy.

    I do, however, like that the speakers disconnect. This makes it easier to install, and perhaps Sena will consider selling a higher-quality set of speakers (like the Tork X-Pro's) with a compatible plug.

    The other nice thing is that this solution appears to solve the problem of the earbud dongle wearing out.

    But, all in all, the ideal solution would be:

    1. Replace the 3.5mm audio input jack with the earbud jack. When this is in use, it disconnects the speakers.

    2. Keep the disconnect for the speakers, so the speakers can be easily replaced (or not used at all).

    3. Make this the standard base to sell with the Sena (if someone needs the 3.5mm audio input jack then they can buy another clamp.

    Thanks for listening to us!

  • Ken Gillett
    Ken Gillett

    I agree completely with above comments by Christian Aasland.

  • Dave Yeager
    Dave Yeager

    An excuse came up to install and try out the new combination base.  Overall I was pleased.  The 'extra' wire length is no problem for my setup - the speakers were routed to put the connector at the back of the helmet (Shoei GT Air), with the connectors just barely protruding (not even enough to say 'dangle').  Once connected it was easy to tuck them into the helmet liner, or just leave the connector exposed.  With the earbud cable plugged in, routed down the back of the neck then around to the front was just fine.  I left all of the cable tucked into my jacket, which was ok, but a bit much.  In the future i'll probably bundle up the extra earbud cable a bit.

    As for performance, earbud sound levels were quite high!  I had been using the speakers so volume was at max.  Not a big deal, but it does suggest they just got rid of the 74 ohm inline resistors (I have not had a chance to ohm out the earbud cable to see if they are embedded inside, but based on sound level, I doubt it).  When using speakers I had high expectations, since Sena had said that this setup would be louder.  If it is, it is not noticeably louder.  With earplugs in, on the highway, and even behind a winscreen with a relatively quiet helmet, they don't quite get the job done.  Another 5dB or so would be useful.  Since the amp is in the main unit, about the only option they had was to use either more efficient speakers, or, reduced impedance speakers.  The new speakers are 32 ohms nominal, just like the old ones.  Too bad - a missed opportunity.

    Overall, as I said, I'm pleased.  Would I prefer the setup described above that uses the 3.5mm line in jack?  Probably... at least until a water problem shows up.  The current connector does appear to be waterproof.

    Thanks Sena for (finally) offering a combination unit, and especially for the free trial unit.  You're so close to perfection!

  • Maury Feuerman
    Maury Feuerman

    After receiving a defective plug on my first kit,  Sena was kind enough to send me another one that does work!  After having the opportunity to play with the unit utilizing my “Big Ears” I must say that many of the little things that we all worried about like the length of the cables, unplugging and switching plugs for the speakers, difference in volume and other stuff like that don’t really appear that important when you can get several days of flawless performance out of the unit!

    I utilize the earphone pigtail ( By the way, there is a 150 ohm resistor built into the cable at the female plug connection.) I simply drape the coiled plug over my left shoulder and after installing my ear plugs and helmet plug them in.  It’s really no big deal to coil up the extra cord from my earplugs  and just leave it there under my jacket.  Bottom line it works and the sound quality is outstanding with my ear plugs.  I agree there could be further improvements in the speakers, connections etc but for the most part this is a great setup that performed flawlessly for 10 hours a day for a week at a time.

    I too would like all of these other conveniences, however,  the bottom line is that the product works and works extremely well!  Thank you, I am very pleased with the results!

  • Stuartv

    I just got home last night from a 3,200 mile, 6 day trip across country. I put in the new A0306 helmet clamp before I left and used it the whole time. I was riding with a buddy who was using my other SMH-10 unit, so I had the experience of using it for talking on the intercom, talking on the telephone, and listening to music.

    I went on a 2 hour ride (with the A0306) before I left on this trip. On that ride, I used the helmet speakers. I tried the speakers with my unit on the v4.1 firmware, then upgraded to the latest firmware (v4.2.1, I believe). I thought there was supposed to be increased volume with the latest firmware, but I couldn't really tell any difference. On my 2 hour ride, I did not use ear plugs and the speakers were loud enough when the volume was turned all the way up. But, at max volume, I got a fair amount of distortion any time my passenger said an extra loud or hard syllable. I'm pretty sure the speakers would not be loud enough if I had ear plugs in. Meaning, I expect I could understand my passenger if the bike were not moving or going under 30MPH. Anything over that and I think wind noise would drown them out.

    On my 6 day trip, I used my custom earmold speakers exclusively. With those, the volume was adequate at all times. But, the dangly cord to plug my earmolds into was effing annoying! Every time I took my helmet off, there was this cord flopping around, catching on things, like handlebars, levers, etc.. A couple of times, we got to where we were going for the night and then I wanted to go on a short ride to dinner. I did not want to hassle with putting my earmolds in for that ride. But, taking out my cheekpad and unplugging/replugging the cable to enable the helmet speakers, then re-stowing the speaker cable slack was just too much of a PITA to bother with. Especially to then have to undo/redo it all before hitting the road the next morning. So, though I would have liked to switch back and forth between helmet speakers and earmolds, I never did.

    I have also noted that the A0304 helmet clamp is still selling for around $30, and the new A0306 is $60.

    In my opinion, this A0306 clamp is a complete FAIL. I don't know why anybody would spend $60 for this instead of spending the same money on an A0304 and a set of Tork (or other brand) helmet speakers. An A0304 plus "regular" helmet speakers would give every bit of the convenience of the A0306 plus add the benefits that you don't have the dangly cord hanging around all the time when you're setup to use earmolds, you don't have the dangly cord piece to lose when you're setup to use the helmet speakers, and it would be a LOT more convenient to switch between using earmolds and helmet speakers (just the helmet speaker plug and cord to stow away in the helmet lining when not in use).

    Of course, what would be even better than an A0304 + Tork speakers? The helmet clamp we asked for from the beginning: A clamp that lets you keep helmet speakers connected and then lets you also plug in earmolds, and when you do that, it turns off the helmet speakers.

    I thought maybe the A0306 would at least be worth buying for a new purchaser who wants to start with helmet speakers and eventually upgrade themselves to quality in-ears. But, that isn't even a good usage scenario because for that, when you look at the costs, you may as well just start with the regular Universal Mic kit helmet clamp, then buy an A0304 helmet clamp later, when you buy your in-ears. The money is the same, and you get to spend $30 of it later, rather than right up front - and you end up with 2 helmet clamps, which means you can outfit a spare helmet or just save the original one to use when the other one craps out and you're waiting on a warranty replacement.

    My riding buddy on this trip I just completed has ordered himself a dual pack of the SMH-10s. If the A0306 was the same cost as the others (~$30), he would have ordered his setup with those. But, for an extra $30 per helmet clamp, he said no way and just got the Universal Mic setup.

  • Kp52r11

    I have been using Sena for past 2 years.  Nothing but good things to say about it.  I bought mine with Boom Mic even though I have full face helmets.  Boom mic gives you the best clean sound transmission.  I too have ridden (June/July 2013) 4,300 miles across the country in wet weather.  Sena worked like charm.  no issues with distance and/or quality.

    I recently got the new base unit that everyone has an opinion about.  Here are my thoughts.  You can't make everyone happy.  I suggest following to the Sena engineers.

    1. create a base unit with 3.5mm female port.

    2. ship OEM speakers that plug into that port.  This also has a side benefit of allowing the user to make a very small 1/4" hole to pass the 3.5mm male plug through the helmet.  a clean install.

    3. if buyer wants to use TORX or home made speakers then it is simple.  they just plug their own speakers into it.

    ***  Once again, it is hard to please everyone.

    If Sena engineers wanted they could also make the mic connector in same way.  create a 3.5mm mic port on the base unit.  let the buyer plug in boom mic or stick-on mic or after market mic.


    I am an engineer and totally respect you all and especially Sena staff.  It is one thing to say do this from this side of the fence.  I am sure Sena staff are taking a very good note of all of out comments.  They are a very successful product and should continue to improve it via customer interactions.


    Happy riding and be safe.


  • Carl Lyles
    Carl Lyles

    What ever happened on this?

  • Dan Heming
    Dan Heming

    Carl, Sena released 2 different combination speaker/earphone base plates.  They are SMH-A0305 & SMH-A0306 -

  • Paul E. Knight
    Paul E. Knight

    One more question here.  Is there a MIC input as well for a wired mic?  For example I do NOT want to use the MIC NOR the speakers from Sena?  I already have a headset/mic in my helmet and have a way thru the 1/8" jack to plug into the existing MIC/Speakers I am happy with.





    I had this unit & the floppy outlet part ended up fraying the wires.  Not a good design at all.  The jack should be a hard part solid to the unit.  Anything that moves, will break.  When I replace it, I will be gluing the floppy piece down solid to the helmet.

  • Denys
    I am also interested. On tje motorway to use ear plugs and possible lower volume= less power used and longer bettary live
  • Ken Wagnitz
    Ken Wagnitz

    For people still interested in achieving switchable earphone/speaker use, I suggest you look at the Sena 20S headset.

    It is more expensive, but offer extra features, including an earphone socket which automatically switches to speakers when unplugged.

    There are new features which I don't use, like FM radio and ability to pair up to 8 units simultaneously.  Range is a claimed 2km, though I couldn't get anything like that between two 20S's.

    Additions I do like are: auto-switching earbud socket on the unit itself; able to simultaneously listen to music and conduct conversation intermittently (no either/or); 'ambient mode' where the mic is turned on to conduct a conversation with a non-headset person (useful when wearing sound-blocking earplugs).
    The shape is changed, and I find it a bit harder to locate switches, but I'll get used to it.

    Sena's marketing department needs a kick up the behind.  They should have emailed everyone on this thread about the 20S, for starters.  I stumbled upon them at a Ulysses Club AGM.  Once I'd looked up the features on the net, my riding buddy and I just had to get one each.  One is coming for my pillion.  (All three of us have ridden to numerous AGMs, and the next three are already planned.  The headsets are very important for those trips.)

  • Stuartv

    Yeah, the 20S. But, is it actually solid yet? It's been a couple of months since I checked the owner's thread on AdvRider, but last I did check, way too many people were still having way too many problems with the 20S.

  • Gusthomasson
    Need provisions for earbuds 3.5 mm stereo plug.
  • At347g

    can replace the socket on the pcb FMH5 FM? I broke a pin and the microphone does not work ...
    Already replaced the microphone / speaker group ... but the problem was in the main unit.

    Can be replaced with a micro USB connector? or you have indications on the connector code?

  • Medo Ali
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