SPH10 - interconnection expansion, network development.


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  • Sena

    Thank you very much your sincere suggestions. We will continuously enhance and extend the intercom capability to satisfy variety of market needs.

    We will have a conference style intercom very shortly as well.

    Our philosophy is a little different from others though.

    - Casual Group intercom up to 4~5 people within 1mile range: Bluetooth Intercom Technology may support this by upgrading current ones.

    - Professional Group Intercom more than 5 people beyond 1mile range: 2-way radio technology should care about these applications. What we need to support is to enable users to better use 2-way radio devices and phone or other Bluetooth devices seamlessly by using Bluetooth adapters (or hubs).

    We are performing various feasibility studies for future Intercom system to satisfy various needs of users. Any idea is appreciated definitely, thanks.

  • datsclark

    I would be very interested in the Casual Group intercom option as an update to the Sena SMH10.  I own two of these headsets, as do several friends.  Intercom where everyone could talk together in a conference call style would be super useful.  There seems to be a big gap in the motorcycle headset market for multiple rider chatting. 

    Glad to see you're looking into this!

  • Sena

    Group intercom is coming soon and we will extend and enhance the feature continuously for the entire product life time. Thank you for your feedback anyway.

  • Scott Steesy
    Scott Steesy

    Group intercom is exactly what I've been looking for a intercom headset for, I want to be able to talk with ALL my riding buddies to discuss what we're seeing, where we're going, what we're looking for in a place to eat, ...

    Chatterbox best model has unlimited users, but works like a walkie-talkie so it is painful when users cut in and out.

    Scala Cardo G4 works great for 3 people intercom, but then sucks because you can't hear your GPS or phone.

    Sena SMH10 sounded really promising, decent group size (can connect to 4 others for 5 people total), but major bummer can only talk to 1 at a time.

    So when is the Group intercom going to be available? And is it a firmware update or a new model of device?

    And, if I may, I'd like to add the ability to have the option to have MP3 music and GPS piped into the intercom conversation, not interrupt it, so everyone can hear them.


  • John Robertson
    John Robertson

    Yes, I am also interested in Bluetooth Multi-hop technology repeater style of group communications. Thus all connected headsets would act to extend the overall range. I see it is in the HBC200 and hope that feature can be integrated into the SMH10. This would cover the request that Mr. Gamble made at the start of this thread...


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