SPH10 - interconnection expansion, network development.

I work offshore in the oil & gas industry, and have been searching for the communication solution... Initially looking for essentially a bluetooth hub where multi-users could use the system to communicate using personal bluetooth headsets, there is another gap in the market here! But then I came across your headsets and believe there's a huge market for such a devise, just looking into my own industry, then look towards the construction industry as a whole.

I see that Scala-rider have now developed a system with a 1km range, that communicates independently to two other units. Expand this quantity to four, and in many instances you can provide a communication system for most construction sites (whom presently utilise VHF/ UHF), and where noise is a major issue - ever seen a guy lift his ear protection to listen intently to his VHF radio, looking to the skies for assistance as he couldn't understand a word?

If you can communicate effectively between four units, you then have the opportunity to create a network, instead of all units simultaneous (multiplexing) communicating between each other, have the units intercommunicate i.e. three units communicating, and an additional unit is added to the group. As this unit has no comms link it puts out a priority code, as a result the three existing units drop a channel each, and link to the new unit developing a group of four with three functional channels and one monitoring (for additional units) if this was repeated, as the group expands each unit maintains a minimum of three channels ensuring cross path communication - I'm sure this and many other methodologies will have been discussed by bigger brains than my own so I'll leave it there.

Increase the quantity of channels available, and you increase it's viability in differing markets. Thanks,

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