Bike mounted system

I gather some people have multiple bikes, but I think most of us only have 1.  So it seems to me a system that is wired into the bike for power, and where the box can be bigger, could offer far more features and have more power for transmitting further for the intercom.

Then if it could accept the bluetooth pairings for 2 "local" headsets, 1 GPS, 1 Radar detector, 2 MP3 Players, ..., and then say up to 9 "non-local" intercom connections.  Then configure it so as to have background music to whomever whats it from either of the 2 MP3 sources.

Then the headsets are much simplified, they just need to talk to the bike and pair to a single phone.

I suppose to configure it, it should have an SD Card you can take to your computer.

Hmmm, maybe it is the musci player and you can put audio tracks on the SD card too.

Heck, maybe a modern smartphone could do most of this and it just needs an App and a specialized dock for the intercom radio, PTT button wiring, etc.

Is this a crazy idea or what?

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