Please make it possible to chain 'unlimited' SMHs together

Please make it possible to chain 'unlimited' SMH10s (and SMH5s?) together, so that a user can communicate with more than 3 (4) other users at the same time.

Using a chain would make it possible to connect all users with just two in/outgoing connections and would not need a meshed network or such and should therefore be possible even with the actual hardware. I hope. ;)

Maybe you could add the possibility to chain the users into a loop-like structur, so if one (or some) slips out of reach, the rest can still talk.

For future devices it would be cool to be able to chain/loop and also stay connected to cell/GPS at the same time.

Btw.: Building a chain or ring is an undocumented feature of the Cardo G4, and I think it's very forward-looking! :)

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