JMCB-2003 Interface cable to SR10

The JMCB-2003 CB raidio is a nice handlebar mounted radio with a convenient ptt lever mounted on the radio unit, making it easy to use.  The output cable to the wired JM helmet speakers and boom mike has a large connector that the helmet extension cord plugs into and then is converted to a six pin small connector that plugs into the helmet headset and boom mike.  Can this be converted to plug into the SR10, and allow me to use the JM CB radio?  This would allow me to connect my non Bluetooth GPS, MP3 player, and current CB radio to the SR10 and then use my SMH10 headset to communicate with the SR10 to pick up accessories rather than having to have an aux cable to plug into the SMH10 for my wired GPS.

That would make the SMH10 headset the perfect headset to use for everything.  1 BT connection for the SR10, 1 BT connection for my android phone, and have the SMH10 for intercom connection.

Any suggesstions or ideas on how to make this setup work for me.

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