A headband kit to be able to use SMH10 like an SPH10 for non motorcycle helmet applications.

Simply to be able to use the SMH10 components on their own, not being fitted into a helmet, basically making them into a SPH10 of sorts.

Example, we take our 4 nephews on holiday usually for a week in the summer, we dont go too far but have to use two cars. The last two years I have run up quite a mobile phone bill communicating to my other half in her car during our journeys. It occured to me we already had suitable intercom device in the SMH10 but obviously we didn't want to drive our cars with helmets on.

If there was a springy plastic headband avaialble to clip the SMH10 speakers and other parts onto, the kit would become multi use for many applications.

Keep up the good work.


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