more volume would be nice.

With normalized mp3 tracks, the volume supplied by the Sena SMH10B (I have v 3.3 of the firmware) that I use on my streetable Ducati 1098 is adequate up to about 50 mph, which is fine for in town riding.  But once I get up to highway speeds on the freeway, unless I deliberately recapture the original audio at a higher gain, I can't hear the music over the wind noise.  I've done this for all of my music that I still have the original media for; but that is only about a quarter of my music library.   I don't have this problem with phone calls or intercom transmissions; I can hear those at *any* speed.  How can I increase the volume output of the Sena when I'm listening to an MP3 streamed from my iPhone to the Sena?  Would a firmware update fix that?   

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