Audio (Music) sharing

Could it please be made possible to share audio between headsets?

I realise that pairing two headsets to one audio source may not be possible, but can it be made possible to have one headset connect to an audio source and then output that sound to both it's own headphones and to another paired headset?

Phone/MP3 ----[BT]----> SMH10(a) ----[BT]----> SMH10(b)


Ideally it would be possible to share this source with all headsets in a conference, but the minimum requirement would be to share between a single pair of headsets to allow rider and pillion to both hear.


(A related request is for Audio mixing so that both rider and pillion can hear music plus intercom at the same time: http://support.senabluetooth.com/entries/21460266-audio-mixing-esp-mp3-music-intercom)

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