Allow the user the option to keep A2DP stream active during SR10 Audio mixing

I have the SMH10 & SR10 and although I know intercom conversations and phone conversations stay active and are mixed with the SR10 audio coming in, A2DP music is temp turned off during SR10 audio.  I'd like to see an option that is controlled via the software to give the user 3 choices. 

Choice 1 - (Default) A2DP audio is muted 100% during SR10 audio (as it is now)

Choice 2 - A2DP audio is muted 50% (or user selectable %) during SR10 Audio

Choice 3 - A2DP audio remains 100% during SR10 Audio mixing .


While on a recent trip,  I tried hooking my GPS to my SR10 to be able to hear the navigation instructions, but the frequent interruptions to my music made me choose to disconnect the GPS so I could listen to my music.   I also went through an area where I had frequent interference while having my Ham radio hooked up to the SR10 and my music was once again muting 100% multiple times in a row.   I think for me I'd choose the option of having the audio only muted slightly during  SR10 audio if I was using the 2 way radio, or maybe 100% if I was only using the GPS, but I'd like that option to set it with the software.  Either way, I'd like to still be able to hear my music mixed in the background with these other sources.  

I'd even take this one step further to see the feasibility of also having the same options to keep A2DP active during intercom conversations if its just one other user maybe?   Sometimes its nice to keep the intercom active between my wife and I so we can immediately say something to each other, but still have music playing in the background.  Again, being user selectable would allow everyone to set this the way they see fit best. 

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