Delay When Receiving Incoming 2-way Radio Transmission

Just got the SMH10 and SR10 and I really like the user interface of the SMH10, its great.  However, there seems to be a flaw when pairing it with the SR10 and a 2-way radio.  If you are listening to music thourhg the A2DP of the SMH10 and there has been no activity on the 2-way radio, and then a rider on another bike pushes his talk button and speaks, there is a 2-3 second delay while the SR10 wakes up and you miss the first part of what they said.  You can double-tap the PTT and keep the SR10 active constantly, but then you can't listen to music when in that mode.  Or you could try to train the other riders in the group to wait 2 seconds after they push their talk button before they speak, but good luck with that in a group bigger than 2 people.  Once the conversation begins, and the SR10 is awake, it is fine until no one speaks for awhile and the SR10 goes back into the sleep mode  That 2 - 3 second delay is really annoying and could be a problem, especially if someone is saying "police ahead" during that time.  There needs to be a way to keep the SR10 active so there is no delay, but not cut out the A2DP source. Or perhaps put an A2DP on the SR10 as well and the music would keep it active.


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