Master volume control


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  • Sena

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will do the feasibility study of setting the master volume on one device source by SMH10 manager. We will keep you informed later.

  • Marc Telkamp
    Marc Telkamp

    I'm not sure about Peter's original suggestion, as it is only useful to people who use the A2DP-protocol. But I strongly agree that the different adjustable volume-levels are annoying. On the end it means that every singel one of the volumes is either too loud or too soft.

    I would suggest that there is one master-volme, adjustable with the jogdial, and one could adjust the different sources in the configuration-menu.

    So a new menu-entry called "volume-offset".

    When in this menu one could subsequently alter the volume for:

    - Intercom

    - Phone (set volume for mobile phone as well as second mobile phone)

    - A2DP

    - NAV-instructions

    Mind: when you pair your Navigation as a mobile phone, its volume can be adjusted with the phone-entry, not the NAV-entry

    All other sources don't have an offset as to not complicate things too much.

    Adjustments could be made by turning the jog-dial,confirm by pressing the phone-button, cancel by pressing the jog dial.

    Adjustment-levels for all adjustable sources should be: 0, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5.

    Meaning: 0: volume level is as loud as the master-volume

    -1: Volume level is 90% of the master-volume

    -2: Volume level is 80% of the master-volume

    -3: Volume level is 70% of the master-volume

    -4: Volume level is 60% of the master-volume

    -5: Volume level is 50% of the master-volume


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