Please add the possibility to manage connection IDs in the Windows (Mac) client

Recently there was a defective contact in my SMH10B, and I had to send it to support.

I got a new one back no problem (thank you, by the way), but now I have to re-pair my friends, and they have to repair, because then I'm on a different "number" than before, and then they are on a different number to each other and so on. :(

And having two old SMH10As, which I use for training rookies, doesn't make that pairing-thing any better. :(

So here's my idea: Please make it so that we could see/edit the IDs of the recently paired devices in the Windows/Mac client, so we could manage the connection slots to some degree. Another benefit could be that you could pre-pair a foreign Sena before driving with someone for the first time (and set the order you want), if he tells you his ID prior to meeting, so you could meet, connect and go on in the blink of an eye.

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