Battery Replacement Service Available


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  • ThreeZeroEight

    I received a partial shipment (7 batteries) of replacement Sena SMH-10 batteries today. These batteries are equal too, or have a greater mAh capacity of the original SMH-10 battery.  In other words, these batteries will operate your SMH-10 as long, or longer, as when it was new.

    I can sell just the battery (and you do the work) or I can do the work.

    For those who wish to do the work themselves, no modification to the Sena SMH-10 is required. Li-Po technology is advancing rapidly, the actual physical size of the replacement battery is slightly smaller than the Sena original.

    Each battery $30.00 plus shipping

    Complete service $45.00 plus shipping.

    Only have 7, and don't expect anymore for many weeks, maybe months.

    First come, first serve.

  • RBEmerson

    I know this necro-posting but can someone come up with a specific battery type? I can do the SMH10 surgery, but would like to avoid trial and error on finding the battery.

  • Wayne C. Louie
    Wayne C. Louie

    In my older Sena SMH10 (the ones with the round charging plug) the battery says "Li-ion", and in my newer (albeit still a few years old) with the micro-USB charge connector, the battery says "Li-Po", I presume that in fact they are different batteries?  I was about to order some replacements from online, I want to make sure I get the right ones, as I am told that we CANNOT use Li-Po in place where Li-Ion used to be, and vice versa - else it could catch fire...

  • RBEmerson

    Um, just replace like with like - end of problem.

    There should be a battery part number on each battery. Search on the part number you should come up with sources. I bought my replacement on eBay.


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