Sat Nav app on iPhone cannot override intercom (SMH5)

I am using an app on my iPhone for sat nav and the sat nav voice instructions cannot override the intercom conference.

I successfully paired both my iPhone and another SMH5 headset for intercom. If I only use the iPhone, the voice instructions from the sat nav app work just fine. However, as soon as I initiate intercom conf with the other SMH5 user, I find that sat nav voice instructions are not overriding the intercom. From this, I understand that the iPhone has been paired as an A2DP device, which is the lowest priority.

Because of that, I have to keep looking down at my iPhone all the time in order not miss turns. Not only is it very inconvenient, but it's also downright dangerous! There should definitely be a way to address this problem, and blaming it on the iPhone/iOS won't do any good. I actually tried to pair my iPhone as an HFP device (according to the advanced instructions in your manual), but the sat nav voice instructions are no longer relayed to BT in that case; so it just doesn't work...

Since I don't care so much about music, all I need is sat nav voice instructions overriding intercom. That's it. This could be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Enable the iPhone profile to have higher priority than intercom for any audio;
  • Enable the A2DP profile to have higher priority than intercom (I believe that a firmware update could add that feature very easily);
  • Mix the intercom and A2DP profile audio.

For the sake of convenience and safety, please do something about it. I'm sure that many current and future Sena users would benefit from it, as GPS apps on iPhone are becoming more and more mainstream. I look forward to your reply.

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