To have caller ID or In-band ring tone.

I work for a bluetooth testing facility and I am very satisfied with the features and how the Bluetooth profiles are set up. One thing that I am dispointed in is the ability to know who is calling. Caller ID just to say the number at the lest would be helpful as when  I am riding and not able to look at my phone. Saying the same would be great for your contract list and unknown for those that are not listed. Sometimes I may want to answer and sometimes not. The simple task of cancelling a call is good. But to know who is calling would make this the best product on the market. I have ring tones set up for all of my contact. Hope to see this in an upcoming upgrade.

PS if you every need for any of your Bluetooth products tested with different phone and carriers, please send me and email and I will have someone call you and give your company a presentation on what we can do for you.


Thanks again for a great product.

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