Allow customization of device priority order

I'm trying to use both the built in intercom of the headset and Navigon navigation software on Windows Phone through the Sena SMH10 at the same time. Due to the navigation software using the audio Bluetooth channel it doesn't interrupt the intercom to let me know any changes in the route. I've searched the internet for a solution but this seems to be a common, yet unsolved, problem with mobile navigation and Bluetooth devices (mostly users trying to pair with their car).

It's not possible to force the navigation software to use the HFP profile so I would really like to be able to change the priority order of devices. As I do not listen to music whilst navigating and chatting over intercom it would be a perfect solution to simply put A2DP before the intercom. It would be fine to use the Sena Windows software for this and perfect if this could be done through the jog dial.

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