Need adjustments for VOX sensitivity and delay

I had a wired intercom on my Electra Glide from J&B which only had a volume control and a sensitivity knob. Although I rarely had to adjust the volume knob because the sound level on the bike was pretty consistent, I used the sensitivity knob a LOT. When I was on the highway with a lot of headwind / crosswind, the mics got triggered by the wind a lot but I was able to adjust the VOX to prevent that. When I was cruising slowly down a peaceful country road, I could adjust it so that we could communicate in a normal conversation without having to shout a trigger sound. Very nice.

On the SMH10, to avoid having to go into the configuration while driving, I'd suggest that you could use the Jog Dial to adjust sensitivity. By simply holding the jog dial IN while turning to set the sensitivity. If we had the ability to customize the sensitivity so well, I'd also like to be able to adjust the amount of time that the com is live AFTER the conversation, but this could easily be a configuration option, since it wouldn't be needed as frequently.

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