Combining of SR10 and SM10 into one unit (ie SMR10)

Produce a product that incorporates the features of the SR10 and SM10 into one unit (possibly labelled as SMR10).

As a younger man there was no external communication to other/s ie pillion, others in a group or to other road users other than lift the visor and shout.  Just had ear pads or wired connection to ipod, thankfully things are changing for the better.  Your current systems of which I currently use are SMH10 and SM10 and I am very pleased with, however I feel there is a need for a system that is designed for the TOURING MOTORCYCLIST/s.

Todays world is all about keeping in touch and the need for robust and reliable communictions for information and awarness, not just to rider/pillion and or group but to all other road users.  This I believe is best attieved in several communition options.
1. Good communication with rider and pillion
2. Communication with fellow riders in a group
3. Other road users
4. Via telephone

To accomplish this I suggest that there be a unit that incorporates the following.
a. Rider and Pillion intercom with capability to conferrence with phones / other sena headset / Two Way radio
b. Rider and pillion able to listen to GPS and Audio Music (audio from Garmin Zumo 660 or ipod)
c. Rider access to phone via bluetooth bridge to Zumo 660 (allows call display and phone book listing)
d. Pillion access to own phone via bluetooth
e. Group intercom via bluetooth (Rider and Pillion) Rider may chose to talk to other riders while Pillions can talk to each other without disturbing rider or music.
f. UHF radio interface for rider.

SR10 - Solo rider want music and navigation that may also want group or other road user communication
SM10 - Rider and Pillion that want linked music and navigation and also may chose to have group communication.
SMR10 - (Touring Motorcyclists) Rider and Pillion that want linked music, navigation, group and other road user communication.



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