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  • Phil Searle
    Phil Searle

    I fly a paraglider and a small Bluetooth PTT for the index finger would be great. if not a small one a for the finger then a bluetooth for the wrist with a short small sealed PPT for the finger. While the SR10i is nearly there, it does not quite meat the criteria

  • John-varnell

    I also need a Bluetooth wireless PTT button for my street glide so I can hide it like I have my SR10 and CB/anatna.  I have found one but it is bigger than I want it is the Blucomm and it won't work with the SR10 without a firmware change.

  • Randall Wagner
    Randall Wagner

    Would be great to have one for the SMH5 so I could listen to music and press a button to talk and have it cut music when someone talks to me.

  • Azarmichael
    Dear Mr. Schmidt if you have a way I can buy one for my Harley road glide ultra please contact me by text or directly call me, my phone number is 858-610-1499 Mike Azar I have a Road glide ultra 2011
  • Milexmobile

    I'd like a BT PTT remote for my motorcycle, I am using the 20S.

    A simple BT PTT remote to put on my handle bar would be amazing. 

    The current remote is not PPT, it will open and close the entire connection, I just want to mute my microphone, but still keep the connection open. 

    A remote that only does PPT (microphone channel on/off) you can put on the handle bar, on your finger, or around your wrist as a passenger. 

  • Sena Support
    Sena Support

    Thank you for this feature request. We will consider the possibility of producing a smaller version of the SR10 that is only for two-way radios and CB radios.

  • Larry Anderson
    Larry Anderson

    Hi, with my set up I leave the Radio and SR10 safely attached to 12v power on my ATV. This means that I am able to leave my ATV to assist with guiding or recovery without getting the radio or SR10 lost or damaged whilst still being able to monitor the radio net. It also means that I can't transmit without returning to my vehicle. Is it possible to have a PTT ability assigned to a button on my helmet?


    I have an SRL-2 and want to chose when my com is active or not by PTT. Rather than having to rely on it hearing my voice over other noises and then waiting for it to automatically deactivate to hear my music come back on. There should be a Push to Talk mode option for those of us that don't like VOX.

  • Gleb Levitin
    Gleb Levitin

    For me it is also absolutely necessary to have a wireless finger PTT button for my Sena SR10 for Paragliding, because during the flight both hands must be permanently on control handles of my wing.

  • Kenneth Pollock
    Kenneth Pollock

    This might not be ideal, but Sena does offer wired PTT buttons that are compatible with some of their headsets. While not as convenient as wireless, it would allow you to stay within the Sena ecosystem you prefer.

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  • Arrington Michael
    Arrington Michael

    Given that the wireless PTT option is a major deciding factor for you, and you don't need the multiple ports offered by the SENA SR10, the UClear WT300/173 seems like a better fit for your needs. Its compact size, Drift Hunters affordability, and wireless PTT option align well with your requirements. While it means switching brands, the benefits in terms of functionality and convenience seem to outweigh the drawbacks.


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