Auto Off for SHM10


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  • Marc Woo
    Marc Woo

    John, Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider this function shortly.

    Thank you.

  • Ken

    Same here.  The Uclear that I bought (and returned because the boomless microphone didn't work for me) had an auto power-off feature.  With it, I was able to go for weeks without the unit needing to be charged.  It turned itself off when there was no BT connection for over 10 minutes.   Yeah, I had to power the headset back up every morning to ride, but it sure saved battery life.  Otherwise, the unit might have been left turned ON and greeted me with a run-down battery.  


    From their Operator's Manual:

    Power Save Mode (Auto Power Off)
    • If the intercom feature has been in use, and all Bluetooth devices have been disconnected,
    the system will auto shutdown in 2 hour. If the intercom feature has not been in use and
    the HBC200 is not connected to any other devices, the system will auto shutdown in 10

  • M. Davis
    M. Davis

    Same here.  The SMH10 should have auto-power off after X minutes of no bluetooth connection to either a phone or another headset, and/or X minutes of hearing no activity and no buttons pressed.  Combine this with turning off the annoying blinking blue light, since it wouldn't be needed as a power indicator anymore (except when first turned on).

  • HarikenRed

    Any news about an automatic power off function (I have an SMH10R)? My mate and myself always forget to turn our devices after a trip.

    The SMH10R is quite a high-end device which doesn't have this feature, cheaper competitors have... A pity.


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