Voice control phone


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  • Sean Dring
    Sean Dring

    That would be great. In fact having the Sena unit being able to pass through voice command to your phone would open up Google  Voice Search (via Google Now)as well.  The use case would be something like "Hello Sena", "Phone Pass through", "Hello Google", "Give me directions to closest supermarket".

  • Terry

    I agree that this should be added.  Any time I can avoid taking my hand off the bars is good.

  • Armand Welsh
    Armand Welsh

    I don't know what the magic sauce is, but I used to single tap the phone button, and I was able to command siri on my last ride, until the last leg, when pressing the phone button started changing behavior (I don't remember what the behavior changed to), but I can't get it back to controlling siri.

  • Remoandiris

    I'd prefer to simply have a Sena that works as advertised.  Unfortunately, I think that is more than Sena can offer.


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