New Feature Request: Configurable Device Prioritization and Multiple A2DP devices

Please consider adding configurable device prioritization and support for multiple A2DP devices.

I have my 20S paired to my iPhone and an SM10  paired as a Stereo Device (e.g. Turn-by-turn and MP3 player in the Zumo 550).  I can play music (A2DP) from my iPhone and use HFP when the Stereo device is not paired.  However, when both devices are paired, I can only listen to music from the SM10 Stereo Device (GPS) and the iPhone is restricted to HFP.  I appears the 20s only supports 1 (one) A2DP device.  Users will want  to use the navigation from the iPhone instead of the GPS or prefer to listen to music stored on the phone while using the GPS for directions only.  

With prioritization, I would like to be able to set the device (intercom, A2DP_1, A2DP_2) priority (e.g. Intercom highest priority,  A2DP_1 (Stereo Device) second input/lowest output priority (GPS turn-by-turn w/ no music), and A2DP_2 (iPhone) for music/navigation  lowest input/second output priority)

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