20S Audio Multitasking Needs Cooperative FHSS


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  • Sena

    Thank you for your sincere feedback. We are studying the optimal set-up for dual Bluetooth continuously, including frequency-hopping mechanism. Could you further explain your suggestion? We really need your sincere suggestions.

  • Steven Schmidt
    Steven Schmidt

    I suggest your engineers investigate the Coordinated Co-located Access Point (CCAP) technique for reducing Co-Channel Interference (CCI). Each BT module in the 20S could be the master node of its piconet, and use the CCAP technique to coordinate the hop frequency selection between the two master nodes. Both BT modules should have the same device address (0x0000000) and different predetermined offsets for the clock counter.  See "Robust Coexistence Methods for Frequency Hopped Wireless Networks" by Jingli Li.


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