Have a 20S Play Music While Connected to GoPro Audio Backpack


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  • Rene Sauvageau
    Rene Sauvageau

    I couldn't agree with this more.  In fact I think that it was a big failure on Sena's part releasing the audio bacpac without a way to remotely turn it off.  The constant connection means no music.  You can't just reach over to turn the audio bacpac off while driving.  So you are stuck with turning it off and on through out the day at pit stops only.  Not a smart design Sena.  I definitely would not have bought the audio bacpac if I knew about this flaw.  

  • Trash

    I feel, I probably wouldn't brought it either if I knew about this.  Anyway I feel they should have allow for an "audio overlay" or something to allow for audio (mainly music) to be heard when the pack is on.  Ultimately, I would like to record with my gopro while listening to my music (I know this may not be safe, but hey.  Sometimes it gets boring on the road).  As well as having my mic record me talking (if I was), but for now I guess I'm going to leave it off (turn off and/or on the camera itself).  

    Anyway, I hope we can get this feature to the 20s and to all supported Sena-related products (current and pervious generations).


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