Voice Commands Sena 20s, Fm presets command and shutdown command.


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  • JHLR

    That would be a good update. At the moment there's only possible way to change the radio with pushing the phone button or seeking the next station. 

  • Sena

    Currently you can give the "Next" and "Previous" voice commands to change FM radio presets but we will look into the possibility of altering it based on your request. 

  • danrahn1

    I've also tried using "next" and "previous" commands for the FM radio.  It's working for me where I currently have 3-presets.  If I'm at either end of the "FM dial,"  I can say "previous" or "next" and SENA will come back from the other end, like in a "loop."  :)  Unfortunately, with my usage of the FM radio, SENA has a difficult time at understanding my verbal command.  Either that or I need to see a "voice coach." haha!


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