Sena 3S-W Audible Battery Level

Hi Sena,

Both myself and my girlfriend have a 3S-W installed into our helmets, both are installed behind the cheek pad which means removing the left cheek pad to see the LED on the speaker flash to show battery level. It's workable but not a great solution, It would have been nice if the status LED could have been put on the charging connector alongside the charging LED although I realise it is too late for this idea.

I would prefer (and hopefully others will agree) to have an audible battery level when switching the device on. 

It wouldn't have to read the exact percentage out but perhaps after the Sena lady says hello she could also say

"Battery 4" when it is 75%-100%;

"Battery 3" when it is 50%-74%;

"Battery 2" when it is 25%-49%;

"Battery 1" when it is 1%-24%

I am not a software engineer, but I hope this is achievable in a firmware update. It will make battery management much easier for users of the 3S-W who are not able to see the status LED. 



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