20S - Please add adjustability of bass/mid-range/treble

I have the 20S, and when I stream music from my phone via Bluetooth I find that the music quality is very sub par when I'm riding in anything other than stop-and-go traffic. I understand that this device is primarily an intercom and secondarily a music player, but the lack of bass & mid-range coupled with the high amount of treble makes it hard to listen to. I've seen many complaints about the max volume not being loud enough, and that's not my complaint, but rather the quality of the sound that comes through.

In my searching around I wasn't able to find anything other than "make sure the speakers are positioned correctly - both in line with your ear canal and close enough to your ear that it's touching." My speakers couldn't be lined up more perfectly than they are, and I used the foam speaker covers and have them positioned so that when I put my helmet on they are touching my ears - to the point where my folded over ears (from pulling the helmet down over my head) won't unfold easily since there's no room between them and the speakers. I have to wiggle/twist the helmet, or stick my hand inside, to get the top of my ears to fold back up into their normal position, so I think the speakers are positioned as good as they can be.

I was hoping that there was a setting that would allow me to adjust the level of bass, mid-range and treble coming through the speakers, but that doesn't seem to be an option. It's as if there's no bass coming through the speakers at all and the treble is so high that it literally hurts my ears, yet I'm not able to understand what's being said/sung in the music. I also understand that there's an option to use my own ear buds rather than the speakers, but I've tried multiple different kinds of ear buds in the past and they all get pulled out of my ears when I pull my helmet down over my head. Besides, that kind of defeats the purpose of having speakers in your helmet. I don't want to have to use ear buds.

I'm no engineer, but I'd think that it would be possible to have a system where you can adjust the bass/mid-range/treble and even have different settings that automatically switch when the user switches between intercom/phone and music. For example, the bass is up and the treble down when the music is playing, but when on the intercom or a call the treble is up and the bass is down.

At this point I'm considering looking for other speakers that have better sound quality (and will work with this headset), but it kills me to have to consider spending more money when I've already spent a good chunk of change on a top-of-the-line headset system. It would be awesome if someone was already working on a remedy for this issue. Thank you.

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