Trade-in my 20S for a 10C camera system


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  • Christophe Missinne
    Christophe Missinne

    ...only if the FM radio is any better than the 20S(Which should be easy)

  • Mathew, Bruce
    Mathew, Bruce

    Actually, now that you mention it.  If I had my preference, I would trade that for a weather radio option instead.   I don't have many FM stations that I can stand to listen to anymore in my area.

    With a 3 inch antenna - I suspect that the FM is about as good as it can get.  

    After the last update - my FM improved a great deal I thought.

  • Marc Woo
    Marc Woo

    Bruce, unfortunately we don't have a trade-in / upgrade program in place for our products at the moment.


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