Sena 10C Cam Constant Loop Record Feature (Dash Camera)

As a present SMH10 user I am definitely very interested in the 10C however if I was to purchase it, it would be to use it as more of a Dash-Cam safety/insurance camera type use. Could to you incorporate a constant Loop record feature? So that I don’t have to empty out the memory card all the time. I do understand that it has video tagging to save clips by pressing a button like on a dash cam so that that particular clip will NOT be overwritten (like most dash cams also have an event button) but that will not be particularly useful in the event of me getting hit in an accident. If something were to happen to the rider and leave him in a situation when he is too injured to press the tag button, what happens then? Will THAT footage still be retrievable (like it is on all dash cams even without events being logged) or does it HAVE to be tagged? I understand it also has a regular record mode which just records nonstop, but that will fill the memory card meaning ill have to pull out my laptop and go through the hassle of emptying it all the time. There is a middle ground you need to achieve between constant recording/saving only and tag-saves only.

If it had a toggleable setting, which basically set aside enough memory card space for the last 30 or 60 minutes of video, recorded in ten or twenty 3minute clips, recorded constantly not stop, overwriting the oldest clip first, STILL WITH THE OPTION of tagging a clip, permanently saving it and moving it to a different folder in the memory card without limits on the number of taggable clips, and with the feature that if the camera was to suddenly switch off, that THAT CURRENT clip would still be saved and recoverable, it would be the PERFECT device and I would buy it for me and my wife in a heartbeat.

Could you please incorporate it into the device before launch, or if not, as a software update shortly after. As soon as you do, you have a buyer. At the moment it’s more of a moto-vloggers device. But most riders are NOT motovloggers, and most riders’ main concern is safety, staying out of accidents, and ensuring that justice is served and we are rightfully compensated when and if the worst ever was to happen, which unfortunately is far too often. I feel you are really targeting what a vocal media-savvy minority will use it for and ignoring what the overwhelming majority of their consumer base will use it for day to day. Having had a number of accidents myself, having a device with a feature like this could have saved me MONTHS of hassle and uncertainty. Can you imagine the frustration of owning this device, have it recording on tagging mode, getting into an accident and LOSING THAT FOOTAGE simply because you didnt press a button within 60 seconds or so?

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