Make the speakers, microphones and helmet clamps interchangable between Sena products

I own a 10C and an SHM 10.  Both are awesome. Its also great that helmet clamp kits are available for each so that I can easily move each unit from one helmet to another.  However, I can not move the 10C to the helmet with the SMH10 or vice versa.  It will probably be common for your customers to own one 10C and one or more of another model.  Having to dedicate helmets to particular Sena models and buy different helmet clamp kits for each Sena model seems to somewhat defeat the purpose of the clamp kits. I can appreciate that the 10C clamp needs some amount of swivel capability which the others do not, but I'm sure that is not hard to solve.  I see no reason why the various mics and speakers need different connectors.  By the way, the SMH10's mount is certainly more convenient than the 10C when it comes to removing the main unit for charging, helmet swapping, configuration and in the case of the 10C, retrieving video recordings, which is likely to be a frequent activity.

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