Remove "Beeps"


Were you in pain from the ear drum splitting beeps experience?

I was lucky to already be at the side of the road when this happened, I was increasing the volume on my 20s, when thee Loudest BEEPs Blasted my ears.  I nearly screamed out loud as it made me feel dizzy, almost sick.

I held my head with both hands for a few seconds and then had to sit down on the ground for a minute or two and removed my helmet in disbelief at what had just happened??




below are testimonials of others who've had similar experiences.


Yeah, seriously Sena. Fix this beep ASAP with a 1.1.2 patch.  Just last week, I had the audio volume quite high to listen to a podcase and as I was getting off my bike I accidentally poked the Jog Dial instead of turning it down (I'm now trained to turn the volume down before doing anything) and just about got blown out of my helmet by the "BEEP... Intercom Failed!" message.  $300 and I wanted to tear this thing off my helmet and throw it across the garage.

Fix it.


I gotta say... the Sena 20S is pretty damn clever at trying to kill me.  I left work today, the sun was shining, the road was smooth and the tunes were cranked.  Carefully now, turn the volume dial 4 times... not 5 because that's when the bad noises happen.  Also careful to not poke the jog dial (INTERCOM FAILED!!!) 


I had to laugh, and I did out loud in my helmet.  You got me Sena 20S.  You got me good.  This is the most fun I can have while riding without putting a poisonous spider in my helmet.


Think I'm being dramatic? Try this.

****************DONT TRY THIS WHILE RIDING OR WITH HELMET ON***************

Helmet off, with Unit turned on, turn the Jog dial,  about 5 full turns clock wise to get the MAX VOLUME BEEPS.

Have some one stand in the next room, door closed, and see if they can hear the beeps?

Then ask them to step down the hall, or out side and eventually a distance where they can't hear the beeps. 

I'm sure test buddy will be at a shocking distance away. Likely more than 20ft. and they'll still be able to hear the beeps clearly.

If that's not enough do the same test with Voice prompts and text notifications 






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