prism update

Hi Sena I love your products. Motorcycle dash cams are becoming very popular in north america. If you modify the prism to record in a loop, put a

water proof port to plug into the motorcycle s charging system it could be used as both, also a shock sensor to remember if an accident were to occur If this were the case I would already have one. It would be nice to

have a mount on the bike, plug it in, install your loop s/d card  and ride. Get to your destination replace the s/d card change the setting and record your adventure.

You would be ahead of the game, Garmin Virb, Go Pro Contour ETC no ones action cam will record in a continuous loop however if this were possible it would be an outstanding product. Come on Sena be the first.. Please email me if you decide to do this as I will wait to purchase one thanks.

Ride safe,


Jack Bragg


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