Earbud Jack Clampkit for 10C


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  • Sena

    Thank you for this feedback. We will look into the possibility of adding earbud support for the 10C.

  • Mark Mayhew
    Mark Mayhew

    I would have bougyt a 10C already, except for the fact that it cannot be used with earbuds.  There are a lot of riders who use earbuds instead of the helmet speakers.  The 10C speakers should be able to be easily removed and a robust, water resistant earbud jack added to the 10C body.




    Mark Mayhew

  • Chano Kim
    Chano Kim

    Shouldn't be that hard to design a new dongle that has a female headphone jack instead of speakers. 

  • Joe Freifeld
    Joe Freifeld

    Im hoping for an answer on how to adapt my 10C to work with my half helmet. Anyone have a solution yet?


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