Please add ability to adjust or mute alert tones (20S)

This has been discussed a lot in the other sections of this forum but after a year and a few firmware release, perhaps it's time for a new formal request.


Sena, please give users the ability to adjust the loudness of alert tones.  These tones(beeps) I list below are the ones I've discovered (there maybe more) are not configurable and are painfully loud to the point of scaring riders:

- Low battery

- Intercom Failed

- Max volume

That last one is the worst for me because there's a hidden stinger in it.  If one is listening to a quiet audio source or increases volume not realizing that the audio source is disconnected or for any other reason sets volume to maximum, they are blasted with a two-tone alert that's excessively louder than the audio.  Here's the bonus though... if you're fast and react to the first tone by turning down the volume then the second tone is almost twice as loud as if you hadn't tried to turn the volume down.  This one is beyond painful and startling.

Do you need a video with audio as an example of what I am describing?

Will you provide the user some level of control over these tones?


I absolutely will not buy a 20S for my passenger helmet for this reason.  I do not want a passenger who doesn't fully understand the functionality of this device to hit the wrong control or have a low battery alert and get blasted out of their helmet.


Please acknowledge this and ask for any more information that will help with a resolution.

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