Please add ability to adjust or mute alert tones (20S)


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  • Red Leader
    Red Leader

    Agreed. Volume configuration of Miss Sena's voice and beeps would be appreciated as they are surprising to hear due to the volume. 

  • Red Leader
    Red Leader

    Incoming call alert volume control would be helpful.  

    Ringtone for incoming calls is very quiet and difficult to detect. I've missed a few calls from failing to hear the incoming call alert. The only way I know I am receiving a call is when my music cuts out for no reason and I hear silence...sometimes a faint Sena ringtone once in a while. Either way, I press the Phone Button to check if someone did call. 

    (Patching through the phone's ringtone would be great as well, as users usually have their own preferred ringtones to identify callers by ear.)


  • RJaynes

    I have the opposite problem, I can be listening to the radio at a decent volume, then a call will come in and be way too loud.

    It has startled me several times, it was so loud.

    An adjustment ability would be greatly appreciated.



  • Dreamrider

    Sena 20S Ver 1.6 - Volume configuration of Miss Sena's voice, incoming call volume would be ideal.  Example: At highway speeds 60 - 70+MPH , double tap, a LOW Sena voice says "say a command" and I give it a command the response voice is REALLY low and I have to strain to hear it.  Additionally the incoming call ringer volume and type of ringer is non-adjustable. I read another thread the suggested to have the ring tone of the device connected play through the Sena. I would agree to that as well since, like most people, they have different ring tones for different incoming calls per-say.

    I haven't used my Sena in a group as of yet so I can't tell you if there's issues.

    If I had to choose an upgrade feature, To have Sena Voice and incoming call ring volumes be adjustable.


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