High quality speakers?


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  • Mathew, Bruce
    Mathew, Bruce

    I'm looking at the http://www.torkworld.com/helmet-speakers/xpro-helmet-speaker.html speakers.  Trying to figure out if i can just plug these into the original 20s Base. 


  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    Looks like the plug would interfere with the helmet at where original speakers plug into, however it does appear it could plug into the audio out plug on the front of the mount and tuck the wires back into the helmet.  I think you would lose FM radio reception as the original speaker wires contain the FM radio antenna.

  • Leland Leone
    Leland Leone

    It would be nice if Sena made an upgraded speaker for the Sena 20s, Maybe some speaker that have noise canceling and better sound quality. I use motorcycle earplugs for wind noise, and the sound quality/volume is lacking. There is a market for this product, I would like the stock interface of the original. I am sure that this is not the first request, put it in your forms and you will see the need. Love this produce and have got many friends to purchase, but we all have the same complaint.

  • swanlive

    I still think that it is okay. Maybe I have not used it there are many cases.




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