Sena Tricks and Tips (What I've learned so far...)


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  • Ken Wagnitz
    Ken Wagnitz

    Thanks for the tips, Red Leader.

    I've been very disappointed with the 20S.  I 'upgraded' from SMH10 units after years of happy use, mainly for the music/intercom multitasking.
    My experience is:

    * Very susceptible to noise on intercom mode, ranging from buzz, to crackle, to something like a UFO is coming to get me (lasted 20-30 secs, on all 3 connected units).  In comms mode I always have noise, either constant or coming and going.
    Seems to be exacerbated by power lines.  Too bad they mostly run along highways!  I don't buy the 'antenna up' advice on this.  It doesn't help.
    * Breaks up music in music+intercom mode,  sometimes to the point where I just have to turn off the music.
    * Have had it 'lose it' when riding out of range of a paired headset, so I had to reset.  The constant 'nagging' when out of range of a paired set really bugs me.
    * Despite having an SR10, I haven't been able to Bluetooth connect phone, phone music, GPS and CB (through SR10) without pairing my phone through the GPS.  Maybe its just me, but connectivity is poor, and badly explained in the manual.  Certainly no better than the SMH10.
    * Out of three 20S headsets, one takes much longer than the others to charge.  Possibly faulty battery.  Smacks of poor quality control.  Since it was bought in Singapore, I'm not easily able to get warranty replacement on it.
    * The 20S may look sexier than the SMH10, but I find it much harder to operate with gloves on, especially winter gloves.
    * I don't use the voice commands, regard them as gimmicks.  The double tap is useless, because it is continually triggered by wind turbulence, even at low sensitivity.  Don't see a need for it anyway.
    * Tried to set up a comms group of three.  Just didn't work.  We had two computer-savvy people trying, didn't succeed.  (Haven't tried on later firmware, can't be bothered.)
    * Who are Sena kidding, saying the 20S will connect 8 units?  I find it poor with just 2.  Range is not so brilliant that number 1 and number 8 will be in range on a ride.  Unit hopping?  The noise would be unbearable from one end to the other.

    As far as I can see, Sena have taken a step backward with the 20S, considering the price premium over the SMH10.  The earphone socket is a great feature.  The extra software features are buggy.  The Bluetooth connectivity is noisier than on an SMH10, and flaky.  I will keep updating firmware, but I can't see how this will help what appears to be a noise susceptible Bluetooth transceiver.


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