PTT (Push to Talk) functionality!


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  • Tim Blackford
    Tim Blackford

    I too would love PTT with the 20s.  I ride a Harley touring bike and prefer to listen to my music through the bike's speakers.  Others I ride with are always telling me to turn down the music because they hear through their headsets.  I would like my mic to be muted until I want to transmit to others in the intercom group.

  • Dean Col
    Dean Col

    Yes, PTT would be nice, similar to a CB.  I have the same issue you describe on the 30k with background noise from intercom signal canceling my music out.

  • Rick

    I agree, PTT is a MUST Have!!

    My issue with our 30K's is that we ride 2 up and use the 30K's as an intercom between the 2 helmets, and would like to keep conversations between the us private.  So PTT functionality that would allow for private conversations to stay private and use PTT to talk to other motorcycles in a group would be great.  Exactly how a CB works today!!

    Which brings up another issue I have with the 30K's.  I loose the ability to use my CB built into my Goldwing!!  What's up with that, can't Sena provide an option to connect a CB from a $30K motorcycle to their headsets??


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