When can we expect new firmware for the 20S

Hi, I recently bought a (dual) 20S in Netherlands, EU.

There are 2 issues I would like to adress:

1] Cannot receive Media from de Garmin Zumo 590. I can pair with the Zumo 590, and it will make a GPS-connection. However, the Zumo also is a MP3-player / Media-streamer. The pairing fails on this connection. See attached screenshot from the Zumo.

2] No voice-commands. This 20S doesnot support voice-commands. This clearly isn't a finnished product. When I say "Hello Sena" nothing happens. When I double-tap the body I hear "Say a command" and the LED starts flashing green. However, there is no command that even triggers any response from the 20S. There is no error-message either. Nothing. The 20S LED keeps flashing green, even after 15 minutes of doing nothing, or speaking commands. I can cancel this by tappking the Jog Dial.

I can live without the voice-commands for a while but if there is ANY chance of getting music from the Zumo in the next week, that would be great.

However, even if there was a firmware-upgrade allready, I couldn't install it, because the Sena Devicemanager won't work either. I'm using the 64-bit version on a (dutch) Windows 7 Home Premium pc. I can't get passed "Cannot open USB".

So please let me know when to expect an update for the Sena Devicemanager and an update for the 20S-firmware.

Thanks in advance, Marc Telkamp.

Zumo Media failed.png

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