Could not get back to intercom and music after phone call.

So I tried out my new 20s today and was really impressed.  I was connected to my phone listening to SirusXM and talking with my girlfriend.  Decided to try making a call.  Double tapped the unit and said "speed dial 2", phone immediately dialed the call and my son answered.  He could not believe I was travelling on I-94 at 75mph and calling from my phone..no wind noise, NONE....he said the call was better than sitting in my office calling using my Jawbone Icon headset.  

The problem:

After the call, I could not double tap to get Sena back to music, nothing seemed to work.  I turned off the unit and back on, then got back to music and intercom.    I was amazed at the call quality, but it took some fiddling to get back to music and intercom.

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