20S and SMH10 Intercom Interopability


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  • Sena

    Yes this is possible. Use the same setup that you did before:

    Setup: Pair 20S-1 to 20S-2. Pair 20S-2 to 20S-3, Pair 20S-3 to SMH10. Leave the intercom channel open after pairing Pair 20S-3 to the SMH10. Then tap the Jog Dial once on 20S-2 to join 20S-3 and SMH10. Then tap the Jog Dial once on 20S-1 to join 20S-2, 20S-3 and SMH10.

  • Turin Atol
    Turin Atol

    I had a similar situation over a 12 day ride with 2- 20s's and 2- smh10s and connecting was extremely inconsistent.

  • Neil Khatib
    Neil Khatib

    It seems whenever the sena 10 is involved, there are major incompatibility issues. Which is pretty sad as the 10 is their last device, that you think they kind of worked off of to build the sena 20, so its weird that the 10 has more issues then pairing a sena 5 to a 20. 

  • Lbarbee

    in our experience if you connect a 10 to a 20, no 20s can ever connect.  So our 20s have to connect first, then call the 10s.  Multiple rma’d units, same behavior.  So in a mixed group of two and two, the 20s must connect first.  Then call the 10s.  It seems random who can call which 10 without getting intercom failed.  The last 10 in will have to drop out due to garble about every 30 mins and reconnect to get clear again. Disabling HD audio on the 20s is required to get this far.  This is straight, flat interstate in a tight stagger.  If anyone receives a call, they can never reconnect to the group without everyone powercycling and starting over.  Will retest this with all 20s in a few weeks, but others have reported similar issue with all 20s.  We all long for the day when we all had 10s.  It couldn’t do much, but it did work.


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